Terra Denim DMZ21

DMZ 21 is abbreviation for Domuztepe, which is an archaeological excavation site in our motherland Kahramanmaras, BC7500 our ancestors settled and founded very first villages in Anatolia. These people were artist, engineers and designers we see that on pottery remains. One of the most important characteristic of Domuztepe was colored pottering, there are archers, dancers, buildings, animals and more. Almost on every pottery remain we found archaeologically important symbols shows nearly the same carvings on Göbeklitepe monoliths. We believe that same culture followed site to site.

Maritas Denim mimics the old dyeing method in industrial scale, we are inspired by our ancestors and bringing together the old and the new ways. Terra Denim is the product of this project, the most sustainable dyeing method with clay. Terra Denim uses zero chemical and every drop of water in process can be used in agricultural activities without treatment. Terra Denim uses clay as dye base and bio-resin.

This is a story from the past to the future

Listen DMZ21 X Terra Denim from our Assistant General Manager Fatih KESİM. As a social responsibility movement Maritas Denim supports Domuztepe. Associate Professor Dr. Halil Tekin head of the excavation site tells us more about story of Domuztepe.

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Terra Denim Library
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Terra Denim embraces nature

TERRA DENIM collection, inspired by nature and made for nature, integrates with nature. Besides carrying the colors of nature, this natural-based collection does not create chemical waste during production. TERRA DENIM collection has zero pollution of water, air, and soil after all the processes. TERRA DENIM products are biodegradable and after their lifespan expires, they dissolve in nature, leaving no waste behind. Also, the products in our collections are appropriate sustainable washing processes like ozone laser.